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BI & PowerBI News

Really didn’t know about few facts in BI world. I saw a lot of articles about some great improvement inside Microsoft BI technologies, so I would like to provide some basic overview to all...


Microsoft INDEED 2015 Sofia, BG Presentations

My presentations from Microsoft INDEED 2015 Sofia: Supporting Business Processes using Power bi & Workflows Optimization methods in Project Management using integration, SharePoint and Project Server DO NOT forget to look on http://janmarek.eu site,...


Download all the Ignite Videos and Slides

Classic script for download all the GREAT VIDEOS and SLIDES from Microsoft Ignite. It was a great event with all the great speakers, HOLs and ILLs. Check this out! https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/all-the-Ignite-Videos-and-b952f5ac


Microsoft MVP: Microsoft Integration

One really great email arrived in my inbox today. Microsoft wrote me “Dear Roman Nedzelsky, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2015 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional...

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